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A Renaissance man is a man of many talents, who knows something about a lot of different things. In this era of specialty learning, true Renaissance men are few and far between. Realtor Robert Mendivil is a modern Renaissance Man, bringing his diverse skills and talents to the real estate community in San Diego, Bonita, and Eastlake Chula Vista. From his early years in the U.S. Army, time spent serving as a Sheriff’s officer, teaching martial arts to local families, and working as an IT Manager at United Behavioral Health, Mendivil has spent his life dedicating his time and energy to helping others. In fact, his transition into real estate came about in an effort to be of service to his community. Being part of the thousands who were laid off in the Great Recession was a great blow to everyone, including Mendiv- il. Instead of letting his unemployment take hold, however, Robert Mendivil threw himself headlong into the melee, earning his real estate license and helping buyers and sell- ers in the area get through what was arguably the worst housing crisis in our nation’s history. His sheer will and determination helped him earn his reputation as a real estate agent who is dependable, optimistic and effective. One of Robert Mendivil’s secret “weapons” is his inherent analytical nature. Tactical negotiations, investment ROI analysis and tricky mortgage situations are just part of the thrill for this savvy and tenacious Realtor. As one of his clients recently said, ”Even with all the unforeseen bumps along way, Robert always remained optimistic and got things done…Robert truly cares for the people he works with.” Caring is just another natural quality of Robert Mendivil. From deciding where to live so his son could remain with his friends at his high school, to volunteering at his local church, to helping young military families find their starter home, Robert’s big heart plays a prominent part in every transaction. “I am always available for my clients. I focus on providing them with the best service I can, including practical resources like connecting them to quality local con- tractors like plumbers and locksmiths.” Sellers get the red carpet treatment, as well, with complimentary professional photos and 3D imaging. ”Whatever it takes to sell their home quickly,” Mendivil says. “Whatever it takes.” Spoken like a true Renaissance Man.


Some words that might be used to describe me:


  • Friendly
  • Professional
  • Enthusiastic
  • Funny
  • Humble
  • Thorough
  • Attentive
  • Caring